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China friend Maersk to throw anti-vaxers overboard

Written by Miss Stormy Weather

80.000 thousand employees to get unboarded from A.P. Moller-Maersk at Spratly Islands for refusing to be vaccinated.

Maersk boss Soeren Skou proudly shows off his new Chinese uniform. The guards in the background are for the sake of his own 'safety'.

Employees will be dumped at Spratly Islands, Maersk-boss claims

Biggest shipping company in the world, China friend A.P. Moller-Maersk, is now throwing it's employees overboard if they refuse to take the vaccine.

Soeren Skou, Danish boss at Maersk, are furious at western so-called 'Freedom': "We've had tremendous success with shipping goods from China in the Pandemic earning a good smacking profit of 35 billion dollars in just the last 3 months!"

"Maersk owes everything to China! After we imported the disease from China, every one had a party! Musk, Amazon, Maersk - we all made huge profits from the pandemic."

"But some of my employees refuse to take the vaccine, claiming it's all a part of slaving mankind! What bullocks! I hate those guys, I'll fucking throw them overboard a sea. Dumb them at Spratly Islands to build more China land!"

A.P. Moller-Maersk is unloading some of it's 80.000 employees in international waters within the next 3 months, Soeren Skou says to BOGTIME.

"My employees got no personal freedom, what do they think! This is a fucking China Company, freedom is no part of our HR. Profit is", Soeren Skou yells at me.

Kind of like this guy, if he were better hung. That's just my thought from Tampa.

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